Uke Life is the combination of culture and community on a global scale.

It is a way of life that supports and thrives on positive vibes. With an overall passion for the ukulele and its players, it's not just an instrument or a brand, but a movement.


Hi, my name is Jack Ehlers, Owner of Uke Life Co.  I was born and raised in Southern California. In 2013 I aspired to be a professional ukulele artist and still hope to achieve that someday.  My passion for the ukulele led me to start a ukulele company and, long story short, Uke Life Co. was born. As a company, one of our core values from the beginning has been to inspire as many people as we can to play the ukulele. Why? We believe that the ukulele is the best instrument to bring joy and healing to a world that needs it.

Our mission is to support and expand the ukulele community. Anyone who tags @ukelifeco in their social media posts wearing Uke Life gear or playing one of our ukes has a 99.9% chance that it will get reposted by us (we love it).  We have been able to partner with some awesome companies to bring our customers a unique selection of ukuleles and apparel. Live the Uke Life with us! #ukelife


Our mission is to support and expand the ukulele community.


1. Sponsoring various artists to help them reach a wider audience and spread the love for ukulele.

2. Teaching most ages the basics of ukulele strumming and chord progressions through beginner lessons at local libraries.

3. Working in accordance with Ohana Music to donate ukuleles around the world so more people can learn and play.

Thank you for all the support!